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Terms and Conditions

My commitment

In agreeing to undertake therapy with me you can expect that we will offer you a professional, friendly, confidential and reliable service. I will always endeavour to provide the most up to date and effective intervention. I understand the huge emotional investment that therapy asks of you, and I will always make decisions with your best interests in mind.


All information is kept strictly confidential, and I will not share any details with third parties without your explicit consent. The only exception to this is where I am concerned that you might seriously hurt yourself, or where harm could come to another person. In this situation, I have a duty of care to discuss our concerns with the relevant agencies. I will always aim to be transparent with you in this situation.

Record keeping

I am guided by the Data Protection Act in terms of my record keeping systems. I keep typed, password-encrypted records. This information is kept locked away on the laptop at all times. The records stored include your name, address, telephone number and GP details; and a brief summary of therapy sessions.

Payment policy

You are asked to pay in cash, bank transfer or PayPal either before or at the same day as the session.

Cancellation policy

If you need to cancel a therapy session for any reason, I require 48 hours notice. This enables me to offer that appointment to someone else and to keep your  weekly slot protected for you. If 48 hours notice is not given, then full payment for the missed session will be charged.

Contact between sessions

I do not offer a crisis support service in between sessions, and usually I ask that all contact takes place within-session times. You are very welcome to discuss with me if you feel you need contact between sessions. If so, we can arrange an appropriate agreement for between-session contact. If you need to cancel or change an appointment, then you are welcome to email me.

Taking breaks

I usually take 8-10 weeks of holiday per year, and I will always aim to give you four weeks’ notice of a cancelled session. You will not be asked to pay for appointments that I  have cancelled.


Deciding when your therapy ends will depend on when you feel ready to say goodbye. This can be an ongoing discussion between us you and  how you will know when your work is done, and you will end only when you feel it is the right time.

Making a complaint

If you feel unhappy with anything related to our sessions please do talk me in the first place.  I am always open to feedback and often this kind of discussion can become an important part of the therapeutic process.  If you feel unable to do this you  can contact the professional body for psychotherapists,  which is the British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapists (BABCP)

Accepting to the terms and condition

I can send a copy of terms and condition on request otherwise by signing up for a therapy session I will consider that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions of my services.

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