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Matthew is an amazing therapist who deeply listens to all the aspects of his patients. We have worked together to discuss my issues of anxiety, family concerns and related matters. He is cordial from the start, extremely engaged. I feel great every time I talk to him. I feel so unworried and always wait for our sessions.Matthew provided considerate, compassionate assistance to me. He is an extremely capable professional. I recommend him without hesitation - JP

Working with Matthew has been so fulfilling. There has been massive changes happening from the place I was in 4 years ago, to the place I’m in now. Most of which, I wouldn’t have been able to do without matthew. It’s likely that I wouldn’t even be alive so I’m eternally grateful for the support and guidance through such difficult times of my life. There were times where I wasn’t sure I’d survive through the trauma, but I did - thanks to matthew! I couldn’t face the future before, today I see the future. I feel a different sense of calmness to myself. Alongside working with matthew, I did hypnotherapy. Both worked so well together and have got me to the point where my trauma symptoms are pretty much nil. DP

My time with Matthew was a transformative one.  His CBT teachings were well explained and easy to learn, and I was able to see results around my anxieties and OCD-induced thoughts in only a couple of sessions. Matthew didn’t just give me excellent therapy techniques, but his general philosophies and words of wisdom were especially useful when going into more personal relationship advice. The more I saw Matthew, the more I became comfortable with not just my anxiety, but most importantly, myself and I am thankful I had such a voice going into my 20s.”Dylan

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