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Integrative Counselling
Holding Hands

Another talking therapy, the counsellor offers a warm, non-judgmental, open approach to help the client feel at ease and enable them to explore various themes of challenge in their life.

The therapeutic relationship is seen as key to fostering insight and transformation in the clients' relationship to their problems. Exploring issues together in an unstructured way, the counsellor helps you connect emotionally to your experiences and to develop insights into the ways you are relating to yourself and other people. 

Through these insights, you may spontaneously begin to think about your problems differently and begin to act from a place that is more affirming and empowered. 


This therapy works particularly well for issues of role transformation, long term physical health conditions (e.g. chronic pain), bereavement, grief, loss, depression and relationship difficulties with families and friends.

Wild Nature

Living Insight Therapy

Healing minds from the inside out

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