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At Living Insight Therapy (LIT), I know well the importance of establishing a therapeutic relationship that is based on trust, openness, and acceptance. From this platform, I work together with you to develop a shared understanding of whatever difficulties you bring. My style is approachable and compassionate. I understand that we are all beset by difficult emotions at times which can cause turbulence in our lives. Anxiety, fear, sadness, shame, loss, despair, anger, helplessness. These emotions need to be managed properly with the correct tools so we can achieve mastery over our own minds. I am experienced and skilled in wielding psychotherapy to help my clients achieve this mastery over their minds. 

During the initial consultation, we identify key goals for therapy and discuss the best approach. The approach we select should best suit your needs and ensure you have the best chance to resolve and experience freedom from the issues that concern you.

The psychotherapeutic approaches I draw upon are based on evidence-based (NICE) guidelines, which means the approach we select should be based on the best current guidelines for good practice. In addition, I recognise the pace of therapy should be comfortable, and I am sensitive to the fact that many clients share material that is highly sensitive and personal.

It is important to discuss your areas of strength and resilience, as we can harness your potential for overcoming difficulties through the skills and abilities you already have. We then set out together to discover the most efficient pathway towards your full recovery.

Matthew Morgan, Psychotherapist

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Tel: 07846721013

Didsbury, Manchester

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Therapy Approaches

Psychotherapy involves a collaborative discussion between the therapist and the client to make sense of the client's struggles and to enquire together into the best approach for alleviating emotional distress. The therapist offers conditions of warmth, openness, non-judgment and empathy. When these qualities are skillfully applied to an understanding of the client’s situation, the client can discover emotional stability that allows life to be navigated through life with poise and composure. 

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